“I returned my documents but the portal shows them as outstanding”

Once you have returned your documents our admin team need to approve them. Your documents will show as outstanding until approved. Although this process is normally carried out within 2 working days it can take up to 4 working days. If your documents are acceptable ‘Outstanding’ will change to ‘Complete’. If this hasn’t happened after 5 working days please e-mail admin@mystudentpod.com.

“How much do I have left to pay?”

How much you have left to pay can be found on the portal. Simply log on, go to your Dashboard and click on ‘My Group Payments’. This page will show exactly how much each member of your group has left to pay.

“What do I do if I don’t earn enough to be a Guarantor”

A guarantor is required to receive an annual income of 3 x the individual tenants rent. If, for example, you are employed part-time, but are also in receipt of a company pension, or have savings of £x amount that have been in an account for the last 30-day period, an accumulation of these “incomes” may allow you to still act as Guarantor. If however, you are not able to provide this financial information, we will not be able to accept your application and the tenant will either need to provide us with an alternative guarantor or pay the rent in advance (with additional terms). If you are unsure if your individual circumstances are acceptable please email admin@mystudentpod.com prior to completing any documentation.

“Can I have an extension for paperwork & monies?”

Paying all of your final monies by the given deadline is essential as it shows financial commitment to the landlord. Without financial commitment the landlord may wish to remarket the property. It is also important that all paperwork is complete in plenty of time to prepare your property ready for move in. Some extensions may be given in extreme circumstances. However, unless all paperwork is complete and monies paid by every member of the group no-one is allowed to move in to the property and therefore move in may be delayed regardless of the agreed tenancy start date.

“How can I reserve the property?”

We require at least 50% of the group to pay the administration and reference fee in order for the property to be taken off the market. The remainder of the group’s administration and referencing fees need to be paid within 21 days.

“How can I reserve the property?”

We require at least 50% of the group to pay the administration and reference fee in order for the property to be taken off the market. The remainder of the group’s administration and referencing fees need to be paid within 21 days.

“Can I pay monies in the office?”

We do not have the facility for payments to be taken by card in the office. Our preferred method of payment is via electronic banking.

“Can I have a receipt for monies paid?”

Receipts for payment are not automatically provided, as your payment will show on your bank statement. The portal is updated to reflect any payments paid, and should be taken as confirmation that funds have been received. Should an individual receipt be required, a request should be sent to admin@mystudentpod.com.

"Why do you need to know how much I am earning as a Guarantor?"

It is a requirement of our referencing company that a Guarantor meets the financial criteria to act as a Guarantor.

"Why do I need to guarantee other students in the property, I only want to guarantee the rent for my son/daughter/etc?"

The contract is joint and several with the property being let as a whole and not on the basis of individual rooms. Tenants have responsibility for the premises in its entirety and the Deed of Guarantee is drawn up to reflect the same terms as the Tenancy Agreement.

"Why is there a cleaning charge at the end of my tenancy?"

At mystudentpod.com we like to ensure our properties are presented to you in the best condition possible and therefore we like to ensure they have all had a full clean throughout including a carpet clean, oven clean and window clean. For this reason the previous tenants would have been charged a cleaning charge so we can ensure this happens and the property is in good condition for you. This charge is then passed to you to ensure the cycle continues. You benefit from a clean property upon move in with receipts to show this. Should you be unhappy with any standard of cleaning then the relevant cleaning company can be contacted.

"Where is my deposit protected?"

For all properties that are fully managed by mystudentpod.com, your deposit will be protected with My Deposits. If your property is managed by your Landlord you will be provided with information directly as to what scheme your deposit is lodged with.

"Can I sublet my room if I have a mini placement during my tenancy?"

A term within your contract states that you are not authorised to sublet without the permission of your Landlord. Permission will vary from Landlord to Landlord and we would therefore suggest that you email admin@mystudentpod.com so that we can liaise with your Landlord on your behalf. There may be additional costs associated with this arrangement if your Landlord is in agreement for you to sublet.

"What happens if I don’t like my university course and want to pull out of the tenancy?"

Once you have signed your Contract, you are committed to the terms for the duration of the fixed term period. Circumstances do arise from time to time which result in tenants requesting to leave a contract. However, a tenant cannot be released from a contract until a suitable replacement has been found, that the remaining tenants agree to, and after all administration and referencing has been satisfactorily completed. Costs are incurred by a tenant who wishes to be released from their contract and these are detailed on the Student Information Guide.

"Why do my final monies have to be paid so far in advance?"

This is to show financial commitment to the property. The landlord will be keen to know you are financially committed. As the year progresses it will become harder for the landlord to let their property and therefore this is essential.

"Why can’t I have a lock on my bedroom door?"

The property is let as a whole and not as individual rooms. The Council do not recommend locks on bedroom doors for health and safety reasons. Locks on bedroom doors can also have other implications at the property, ie. insurances, TV licence(s) etc.

"What’s involved with being a Lead Tenant?"

A Lead Tenant is usually our first point of contact should we need to contact someone at the property on behalf of the group. In addition, the deposit is lodged in the name of the Lead Tenant, with all other tenants’ names as interested parties. Any deposit funds due to be returned to the tenants following the termination of the contract are returned to the Lead Tenant.

"What does the property come with?"

Your property is part-furnished and will be supplied with at least a bed, wardrobe/drawers, desk and chair, together with appropriate table and chairs in communal areas for the number of tenants residing at the property, and white goods in the kitchen. We cannot be more specific as properties vary from one to another, however, your Inventory will provide more detail and this will be provided to you upon commencement of your contract.

"What happens if there is a fire/flood? Does the landlords insurance cover damage?"

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question as insurance policies vary from company to company, and circumstances surrounding an incident may affect the insurance cover and who is liable for the damage.

"When can I collect keys?"

Keys can only be collected on or after the tenancy start date and this is only if all members of the group have completed all paperwork and paid all monies. Keys can be collected from our office at 690 Wimborne Road, Winton, Bournemouth, BH9 2EG. You will need to bring a copy of your passport with you in order to collect keys. Keys cannot be collected in advance of the tenancy start date.

"Can one person collect keys on behalf of the group?"

Unfortunately, not as we / the Landlord have to comply with the responsibilities of Right to Rent legislation. Each tenant must therefore collect their own key(s) for the property, bringing your passport as proof of identity.

"I don’t have a passport, what other documents will you accept?"

Two original additional documents will be required; a birth certificate and a photo driving licence. If you do not have a driving licence we can accept a letter from your university dated within the last 3 months and that confirms your full name, the course you are studying and the course dates. A full list of documents that we can accept can be found by referring to the following link https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/573057/6_1193_HO_NH_Right-to-Rent-Guidance.pdf

"I don’t have a UK based Guarantor. Are there other options?"

Yes. There are companies that offer a Guarantor service to students who do not have a UK based Guarantor. Alternatively, and subject to your Landlord’s agreement, the full rent together with an additional deposit may be acceptable and will need to be paid in advance of your contract commencement. Should you require more information in respect of these options please email admin@mystudentpod.com.

"I don’t have a cheque book, can I pay by BACs?"

Yes, you can pay by BACs. Your payment must reach us on or before the date specified on your costing sheet.

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